Practice without being judged, improve and become more comfortable speaking a language.

Real organized conversations in a friendly atmosphere led by certified native speakers who will help you and correct your mistakes.Start your language immersion now and speak with confidence


Conversation Sessions

150+per month

Sessions Booked

5000+since Covid-19

Mode available

2Small groups (5 people max)Duo (1-on-1)

Why you'll really improve your spoken skills

According to Wikipedia, Active learning is "a method of learning in which language learners are actively or experientially involved in the learning process.


Active Practice

    You often practice in real conversations
    We learn better with others making new friends
    We memorize vocabulary and our mistakes better
    We become more comfortable speaking


    Not enough vocabulary
    Blocked when you speak
    Fearful of judgment
    Fearful of making mistakes
    Not enough confidence
    Don't find the opportunity to practice

3 mistakes people do

We're learning making mistakes.

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    Practice with the wrong people

    You don't improve efficiently.

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      They are not patient and don't help you or don't correct your mistakes
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      They talk fast and get angry if they have to repeat sentences
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      They only want to speak your native language
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    Choose the wrong event and concept

    You're wasting time.

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      The event is unstructured or crowded, so you don't know what to say
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      You spend €1000 and it's too theoretical, you don't practice enough
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      You spend time to find a partner who doesn't match your schedule
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    Do nothing

    Did you know, 80% do not take action, what about you?

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      You get demotivated
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      Your language level decreases
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      You get stuck and you look for your words when you have to speak

Practice makes perfect

Practice is key to become more comfortable and fluent

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    Qualified, certified and trained natives who correct your mistakes

      Natives help you speak, find your words and give new vocabulary
      Memorize vocabulary easily through real conversation
      They help you overcome the fear of talking
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    Live spoken guided conversation in small groups or duos

      Specific Topics & Icebreaker games where everyone gets a chance to talk equally
      Practice only in your target language  
      Get 100% attention and fast results with Duo sessions
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    Fun & Friendly atmosphere without being judged

      Innovative original concepts : It's not a class, it's not a Meetup
      Discover new culture, meet motivated people, make new friends
      Become more comfortable and gain confidence

Why are we different?

Did you know? 9 out of 10 members told us that SpeakMeeters helped them improve their speaking skills.

Save Money & Time

10 times cheaper than a language school. The sessions are already scheduled in our calendar.

Focus on Conversation

No theory, only PRACTICE.Cultural exchange, specific topics, debates. Improve your vocabulary, listening skills and confidence.

Meet Open-Minded & Motivated Members

No flirting, just friendly members from all over the world who are motivated to practice with the same goal.

No Judgment

Speak freely and without being judged whatever your level.

AwesomeNative Speakers

Our friendly qualified, certified and trained hosts will help you, get you talking and correct your mistakes.

Unlimited Group Sessions

With Premium, you can participate in Group Sessions UNLIMITED.

Be Correctedwith Kindness

No one corrects your mistakes? Here we do. Don't be afraid to make mistakes anymore to improve yourself!

GamificationGet Rewarded

Stay motivated.Collect points and exchange them for rewards.

Awesome Community

Book your sessions easily Start improving your spoken skillsThank your host kindly

Private App ready to use on your desktop and phone

Meet the community monthly, practice in a free way in our private virtual barInteract also on our WhatsApp & Telegram groups

Powerful community that allows you to discover new people, new cultures and share experiences

Collect points for your achievementsExchange them and get rewarded 

A great community that wants to help others


How does it work


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A word from the founder

I know it's not easy to find the right person to practice a foreign language.
I've been through the same thing and practicing without being judged in a friendly atmosphere is important to become more comfortable.
I founded TripMeeters more than 6 years ago. Real-life events in 8 cities in France with more than 80 events per month.
In March 2020 ... It's all gone.
That's why I founded SpeakMeeters to keep you practicing.
Today, it's more than 150 sessions organized per month with a fantastic, caring and open-minded community. 
Join us in the adventure!

StēFh (Founder)

How our members love their hosts 

99% of our members gave 3 stars (2000+ reviews)