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They help in their native language

Our values: commitment, solidarity, linguistic and cultural sharing

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Why helping in your native language?

  • Meet new motivated people

    Meet open-minded members from around the world.

  • Enriching

    When you help, it increases your happiness and it is priceless.

  • You will be helped in return

    The more you help, the more help you get.

  • Discover new cultures

    Learn from each other and travel staying at home.

  • Cultural Events

    Try food from around the world with our dîners at home.

Get Rewarded with SpeakMeeters

Earn points when you help in your native language or attending any sessions.


Help others and practice your target language

Exchange your points and get gift cards (Amazon), membership Premium Plus, group ou duo package, discounts from our partners, and so many more.
Example : Help 5 times = Get help 5 times

What are SpeakMeeters Sessions?

With 150+ small group (5 people max) and duo sessions per month, native speakers help our members practice their language by talking about interesting topics and correct their mistakes in a fun and friendly atmosphere.


Practice for free in these Group Sessions when you help

    Beginner (A0/A1) - You don't know how to make sentences
    Intermediate (A2/B1) - You know how to make sentences
    Advanced (B2+)

Hosts Party

Meet the community online monthly and learn / share your experience


Our private bar

It's not only an app, it's a real community who share their experiences.
Meet new awesome people and discover new cultures.
That is the place where we usually schedule our next trips!

How to get started?

1 - Click on "I want to help"

Do the test, introduce yourself and tell us why you want to help.

2 - Learn the best tips

If selected, the founder will share everything you need to succeed without having experience.

3 - Schedule your availabilities

According to your availability, you decide the date and time.Our calendar is on our private app only for members.We're using our own video conference software.


4 - Start your adventure

Let's Go! Get to know each other, launch topics and have friendly conversations like with your friends!

Ready to help?

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