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Thank you for being so curious, the open-mindedness starts here ...

At SpeakMeeters, we have set ourselves on a mission: 
To build the largest community of caring members by offering innovative concepts for language practice in order to become more comfortable and fluent in foreign languages.

Why are we doing all this?

It is so frustrating to come across people who are impatient or not open-minded or who speak too fast when speaking a foreign language. We want to change mentalities.
Behind a person who speaks a foreign language, there may be fear of the judgment of others, but also fear of making mistakes.
We want people to be aware of the need to be indulgent and tolerant. We have the right to make mistakes, it doesn't matter.
On the contrary, we want to help!


How did the idea come about?

"My name is StēFh and I am the founder.I am passionate about 2 things in life: traveling and languages. I have visited about 30 countries and I speak 5 languages.
I wanted to live as close as possible to the local people, be impregnated with the local culture, communicate with the locals and live enriching experiences.
...but I realized that it wasn't easy to meet the locals and I was frustrated that I couldn't practice my languages especially when you're shy.
I also had this fear of judgment...
When I returned to Paris, I helped the expatriates with the French language. 
This is where I created TripMeeters.
After 6 years, I know exactly what people need.I experienced a lot of concepts.
To be pics below ..."


A word from the founder

I know it's not easy to find the right person to practice a foreign language.
I've been through the same thing and practicing without being judged in a friendly atmosphere is important to become more comfortable.
I founded TripMeeters in 2015. Real-life events in 8 cities in France with more than 80 events per month.
In March 2020 ... It's all gone.
That's why I founded SpeakMeeters to keep you practicing.
Today, it's more than 150 sessions organized per month with a fantastic, caring and open-minded community. 
Join us in the adventure!


Here's what we do

After years of experience-testing many different concepts,we found the perfect formula.
Problems:Someone monopolizes the talk or wants to speak only in your native language - you don't know what to say - there are too many people and you don't speak - people speak too fast - the person is not patient - it's always the same discussions - no natives - not enough spoken practice - too theoretical, too boring - you are judged because you speak too slowly / you make mistakes.

  • Community + Concept

    We have created a friendly and caring community around the world that will help each other, merged into a single concept.

  • Putting People First

    We focus on the human factor and rely heavily on the trust, commitment and reliability of the community.

  • The Values

    The values of sharing, exchange, openness and authenticity are transmitted and put forward.

We are in the sharing

Here's how we use our budget.
Of course, it can be changed as time goes by.

The goal is to show that such a project has a cost.