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Boost the learning dynamic of English or French by offering a complement to your classes/trainings/offers to your students, community, or audience through our conversation workshops led by certified native speakers.

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Why SpeakMeeters?

They can practice as many times as they like without feeling judged

conversation group

They save time finding qualified, certified native speakers

No more headaches organizing a meeting and finding the right partner: It's already scheduled, so they can practice long-term with serious, caring, and open-minded partners.It's flexible, so they can attend whenever they want.

topics conversation

They can practice more often their speaking

Diverse practice during our structured sessions.They will improve vocabulary, pronunciation, listening and speaking skills with our different categories.

in real life events

What they are going to improve

- Self-confidence in various situations
- Cultural enrichment
- Building strong social connections
- Fluency in real conversations

Our Offers


The perfect complement to your classes.3 possible solutions:

    A pack of 3 free conversation sessionsOffer your students who sign up for your courses this free bonus to increase the value of your offer.
    Purchase of licensesBuy Premium licenses (for unlimited practice in group sessions) to resell (combined with your offers or as additional sales) without any upfront costs to boost your revenue.
    AffiliationGet a recurring commission of 30% when a student goes through your affiliate link and purchases a Premium pass, for extra income without having to create a product. Get your link directly here.

How Christine builds student loyalty

"Grâce à SpeakMeeters, mes élèves ont pu participer à des groupes de conversation stimulants avec des natifs, un complément idéal à leur cours de français.
Cette expérience accélère leur progression linguistique tout en développant une confiance accrue dans leur capacité à interagir dans un contexte réel. 
Pratiquer est ce qu’il y a de plus important quand on apprend une langue, et pouvoir le faire dans un cadre convivial et bienveillant est essentiel. 
Ces sessions de conversation permettent une immersion authentique dans la langue, renforçant la compréhension et la production orales.
Souvent, mes élèves me demandent comment parler avec des natifs et SpeakMeeters répond parfaitement à cette demande !

a cup of french

Christine, A Cup of French (400k+ Followers).

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Our results in numbers

14 000+


6 000+

Sessions Past

4,8 /5


About the founder

👋 Je suis StēFh !
Founder of TripMeeters in 2015, I used to organize over 80 language exchange events per month in bars, cafes, and Accor hotels (partnership) in 8 cities in France. 
Selected as one of the top Meetup organizers in the world, leading the largest language community in France.
Mars 2020, the first lockdown, that's when I lost everything...
I go back over everything online and I create SpeakMeeters with a web app that I developed myself.
Today, there are over 150 sessions per month, more than 14,000 bookings, and over 6,000 sessions already completed.

My goal? Create a community of passionate native speakers worldwide.StēFh