Practice without being judged with a certified native speaker 

Online Small Group Guided Conversation Sessions (5 people max)

    Get corrected when you make mistakes
    Meet motivated members and make new friends 
    Cultural exchange and friendly atmosphere guaranteed

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Practice makes perfect

Practice is key to become more comfortable and fluent

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    Qualified, certified and trained natives who correct your mistakes

      Natives help you speak, find your words and give new vocabulary
      Memorize vocabulary easily through real conversations about different topics
      They help you overcome the fear of talking

Why are we different?

An effective concept, designed and recognized to boost your confidence

Unlimited Group Sessions

With Premium, you can participate in Group Sessions UNLIMITED in any languages.

Save Money & Time

10 times cheaper than a language school. The sessions are already scheduled in our calendar.

No Judgment

Speak freely and without being judged whatever your level.

Focus on Conversation

No theory, only PRACTICE.Cultural exchange, specific topics, debates. Improve your vocabulary, listening skills and confidence.

Meet Open-Minded & Motivated Members

No flirting, friendly members from all over the world, motivated to practice with the same goal.

AwesomeNative Speakers

Our friendly qualified, certified and trained hosts will help you, get you talking and correct your mistakes.

Be Correctedwith Kindness

No one corrects your mistakes? Here we do. Don't be afraid to make mistakes anymore to improve yourself!

GamificationGet Rewarded

Stay motivated.Collect points and exchange them for rewards.

Next Sessions

Book whenever you want among 150+ Sessions available each month

    Intermediate (A2/B1) - You know the basics and how to make sentences
    Advanced (B2+)

How our members love their hosts 

Our members gave 3 stars (2500+ reviews)

How does it work


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Sign up and choose the plan that fits your need.


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Start practicing

Connect in one-click to our own video conference software and start practicing.


  • How to start?

    1) Click on "Become a member" and Choose your formula (Premium 1, 3, 6, 12 months) or buy single tickets.2) Connect to the web app by clicking on "Log in" on speakmeeters.com3) Book your sessions 4) Start practicing

  • How much does it cost?

    You can start from €5 per ticket if you buy a package x20. Click hereOr you can take Premium and book unlimited group sessions from 17,5€/month. Click here

  • I'm a bit scary, what should I do?

    That's normal at first. Talking to someone we don't know can be scary. At SpeakMeeters, everyone is friendly and open-minded. No one judges. Everyone has the same goal as you.

  • How many people are there per group?

    There is a maximum of 5 members per group, which is perfect for group discussion to get better interaction.

  • How long do the sessions last?

    Most of the Group and Duo sessions last 1h. It's more efficient for talking, listening and interacting.

  • How does the session work?

    No theory here. Talk about different conversational topics in a small or duo group and have a guided conversation where everybody gets to speak. It's a friendly atmosphere. Perfect for introverts people and for people who want to speak with ease. You'll make friends and you'll find the same people.

  • Do we need to attend all sessions?

    No, you can attend the sessions you want, it's flexible.

  • Is there a minimum level to participate?

    If you can have a simple conversation, you can attend the conversation group sessions and Duo sessions. If you're a beginner, we recommend you the Duo sessions.

  • Are there groups for beginners, intermediate and advanced level?

    Yes, most of our group sessions are at intermediate/advanced level. Beginner level is when you can't make a sentence and speak yet.

  • How many sessions are available per month?

    150+ sessions available per month. We will be adding more sessions in the coming months.

  • Do each session has a topic?

    Yes, every native has his style of leadership, accent, so it's better to try different ones to improve your spoken skills.