How to master a language in order to express yourself without effort, to speak fluently, spontaneously without searching for your words?

You need to practice REGULARLY to gain confidence and progress quickly but BE CAREFUL, not anyhow!80% of people do it in the wrong way!
So you lose time and your money. Unfortunately, time flies...And if you don't practice, you get stuck and it's gonna be harder.


People think you just have to talk to improve.But there is the hidden part of the iceberg :
- Someone monopolizes the talk or wants to speak only in your native language. - you don't know what to say - there are too many people and you don't speak - people speak too fast - the person is not patient - it's always the same discussions - no natives - not enough spoken practice - too theoretical, too boring - you are judged because you speak too slowly / you make mistakes.


- spend 1000 euros in language organizations, too theoretical and not adapted- on Meetup, it's too free, not structured, no one corrects your mistakes- find a language partner takes time, and he/she has to be available at the same time as you


I spent years to create concepts and experiment all of this.I followed up by asking my community about their improvements.


You actually need to practice with people who are caring and want to help you.With people who has the same goal as you.With a friendly community who support each other.
Try the Corrected Guided Conversation sessions.
How proud when you can speak a foreign language without finding words in your head!
I created this concept in March 2020 because of the pandemic.And I realized it was easier to practice more often online than in real life.

You will practice on specifics topics in a friendly and fun atmosphere online.
- in small groups (5 max.) with motivated members for better interactions- with a caring qualified and certified native who guide the conversation if you don't know what to say- they will give you new vocabulary and get your mistakes corrected- meet new people you will see often- discover new cultures to enrich and motivate you

You'll feel more comfortable and you'll eventually reach your goals.
This is the opportunity and the place to be to practice your conversation skills!It is safe! You will not meet people who are only after girls.
I selected the best native speakers who really enjoy helping open-minded people.And they also learn a language so they can understand what you've been through.
Don't be afraid to speak a language anymore!But there are only a few places left because we want to keep the community with a human dimension.
Join our private community now!