Why SpeakMeeters works?

Before telling you our secret recipe... Did you know?

  • It's a perfect combination with your learnings

    Do you want to put your recent Duolingo learnings into real conversational?

  • Reading and watching movies is not enough

    Perfect for acquiring theory but you will be missing oral practice.

  • Practice is key

    You need to practice regularly to improve your oral skills and become more comfortable speaking a language.

3 mistakes people do

We're learning making mistakes.

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    Practice with the wrong people

    You don't improve efficiently.

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      They are not patient and don't help you or don't correct your mistakes
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      They talk fast and get angry if they have to repeat sentences
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      They only want to speak your native language
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    Choose the wrong event and concept

    You're wasting time.

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      The event is unstructured or crowded, so you don't know what to say
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      You spend €1000 and it's too theoretical, you don't practice enough
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      You spend time to find a partner who doesn't match your schedule
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    Do nothing

    Did you know, 80% do not take action, what about you?

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      You get demotivated
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      Your language level decreases
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      You get stuck and you look for your words when you have to speak

The place to be to practice

Why it works?

Structured Sessions

Small groups or duo sessions hosted by a native speaker for a better interaction.

Motivated Members

No flirt, only nice members from all over the world who are motivated to practice with the same goal.

Conversational Topics

Guided conversation enhances your vocabulary, your listening and your confidence

No judgement

Speak in a free way without being judged.

Caring Hosts

Our friendly qualified and certified hosts help you, get you talk and correct your mistakes.

Save Time

Our sessions are already scheduled in our calendar, you just need to book them in our Private App.

Be Corrected

No one corrects you? Here, we do.Don't be afraid to make mistakes anymore!


Awesome community where you can make friends and stay motivated.

How it works


Step 1. Choose between 3 formulas

● Premium Membership: You can book Unlimited sessions groups● Package Group: Book group sessions (1,5,10,20 tickets)● Package Duo: Book duo sessions (1,5,10,20 tickets)


Step 2. Connect to our Private App

● After payment, you'll get the link in your mailbox● The web app works with your desktop, tablet or mobile phone


Step 3. Book your sessions

● Book according to your availabilities ● but also choosing your host, language, level, type or topics


Step 4. Start practicing

● Connect in one-click through our app to the video conference● The host welcomes you and gets you to talk● Get to know each other, meet new people● Practice talking about specific topics