Speak Fluently in Real-life Conversations

Practice with certified native speakers who really enjoy helping people so you can improve your speaking skills, expand your vocabulary and boost your confidence.
Meet new people, discover new cultures in a fun and friendly atmosphere so you can go from intermediate to fluent faster.

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We know you struggle

Every time when you learn a language this happens

You learn the basics

With a learning app, a language school, a qualified teacher.

You understand

You can read books, watch movies.

You can't talk fluently

You can't find your words because you don't practice often.

If you don't practice often = You lose what you have learned.

3 mistakes people do

We learn by making mistakes but someone has to tell you.


Practice with the wrong people

You don't improve efficiently.

    They are not patient and don't help you or don't correct your mistakes.
    They talk fast and get angry if they have to repeat sentences.
    They only want to speak your native language.

Choose the wrong concept

You're wasting time.

    The event is unstructured or crowded, so you don't know what to say.
    You spend €1000 and it's too theoretical, you don't practice enough.
    You find a partner who doesn't match your schedule or have only basic conversations.

Wait until we're perfect

Did you know, 80% do not take action?

    You get demotivated.
    Your language level decreases.
    You get stuck and you look for your words when you have to speak.


Why you'll really improve your spoken skills with us

According to Wikipedia, Active learning is "a method of learning in which language learners are actively or experientially involved in the learning process.


Active Practice

    Overcome the fear of talking
    We learn better with others, making new friends
    We memorize vocabulary and our mistakes better
    We become more comfortable speaking


    Not enough vocabulary
    Blocked when you speak
    Fearful of judgment
    Fearful of making mistakes
    Not enough confidence
    Don't find the opportunity to practice

The most effective concept to become fluent

A motivated community who helps you practice without feeling judged


Guided Conversation Groups

Live small group classes in 1 language.

    Guided by certified native speakers who help you and correct your mistakes.
    Fun, Interactive and immersive classes where you learn new vocabulary each time.
    Attend 150+ Sessions available in a friendly atmosphere (5 members max.).
    Master your listening skills with authentic native speaker accents.

Our community trusts SpeakMeeters

Now, our members are more comfortable when they speak a foreign language

Les points forts de SpeakMeeters : Clique ici

Conversation Sessions

150+per month

Sessions Booked

9 500+since Covid-19

Why our hosts love helping

Why are we different?

An effective concept, designed and recognized to boost your confidence

Unlimited Group Sessions

With Premium, you can participate in Group Sessions UNLIMITED in any languages.

Save Money & Time

10 times cheaper than a language school. The sessions are already scheduled in our calendar.

No Judgment

Speak freely and without being judged whatever your level.

Focus on Conversation

No theory, only PRACTICE.Cultural exchange, specific topics, debates. Improve your vocabulary, listening skills and confidence.

Meet Open-Minded & Motivated Members

No flirting, friendly members from all over the world, motivated to practice with the same goal.

AwesomeNative Speakers

Our friendly qualified, certified and trained hosts will help you, get you talking and correct your mistakes.

Be Correctedwith Kindness

No one corrects your mistakes? Here we do. Don't be afraid to make mistakes anymore to improve yourself!

GamificationGet Rewarded

Stay motivated.Collect points and exchange them for rewards.

Awesome Community to Stay Motivated


Book whenever you want

Select the session you want to attend and book according to your availabilities among 150+ sessions each month.


Get points when you practice

Each time you practice or help in your language, you get points.


Exchange your points for Awesome Rewards

Get extra tickets and practice in Duo sessions, Amazon gift cards, generous discounts, etc...


Receive warm thanks

In return, help the community practice your language (optional). This is a great way to have a motivated community that helps each other.

How our members love their hosts 

Our members gave 3 stars (4 000+ reviews)

Compare us to alternatives

  • Training Company



    Native Speakers

    Conversation Groups (Practice)


    Community Support


    Make friends


    Correct your mistakes

  • SpeakMeeters


    Native Speakers

    Conversation Groups (Practice)

    Community Support

    Make friends

    Correct your mistakes

  • Online Courses



    Native Speakers


    Conversation Groups (Practice)


    Community Support

    Make friends


    Correct your mistakes


  • Language School



    Native Speakers

    Conversation Groups (Practice)


    Community Support


    Make friends

    Correct your mistakes

Training Company


Online Courses

Language School

  • Price




  • Native Speakers


  • Conversation Groups (Practice)




  • Community Support



  • Make friends



  • Correct your mistakes


How does it work


Sign up

Choose the formula that fits your needs.


Book in our private app

Choose sessions based on your availability in the calendar in our private app.


Start practicing

Connect in one-click to our own video conference software and meet new people.

Next Group Sessions

Book whenever you want among 150+ Sessions available each month.We will be adding more sessions in the coming months.

    Minimum level required: You know the basics, and you can have a basic conversation.
english french conversation practice

PREMIUM 1 mois€39/mo €9,75/week

Perfect if you want to maintain your level

    Book UNLIMITED CORRECTED GUIDED Group Video Sessions in ANY LANGUAGE (Value: €490)
    Get access to the learning videos
    Get 20% discount on Pack Duo Sessions
    Get access to the private group to stay motivated

No commitment - cancel anytime€39 billed monthly7-day money-back guarantee

- 30%

PREMIUM 3 mois€39 €29/mo€7,25/week

Perfect if you want toimprove your spoken skills

The most popular | Save €30

    Book UNLIMITED CORRECTED GUIDED Group Video Sessions in ANY LANGUAGE (Value: €490)
    Get access to the learning videos
    Get 20% discount on Pack Duo Sessions
    Get access to the private group to stay motivated
    BONUS: Get 1 DUO Session (Value: €25) every 3 months 

No commitment - cancel anytime€87 billed quarterly7-day money-back guarantee

- 50%

PREMIUM 12 mois€39 €19/mo €4,75/week

Perfect if you want to master a language

Best value | Save €240

    Book UNLIMITED CORRECTED GUIDED Group Video Sessions in ANY LANGUAGE (Value: €490
    Get access to the learning videos
    Get 20% discount on Pack Duo Sessions
    Get access to the private group to stay motivated
    BONUS: Get 5 DUO Sessions (Value: €125) every year

No commitment - cancel anytime€228 billed yearly7-day money-back guarantee

The Last Step After Learning With



  • How does the session work?

    No theory here. Talk about different conversational topics in a small or duo group and have a guided conversation where everybody gets to speak. It's a friendly atmosphere. Perfect for introverts people and for people who want to speak with ease. You'll make friends and you'll find the same people.

  • How many people are there per group?

    There are between 3 and 5 members per group, which is perfect for group discussions to get better interaction.

  • Can I cancel at any time?

    SpeakMeeters is flexible. There are no pesky contracts and no commitments. You can easily cancel your account online on the app by clicking on your profile - parameters-subscription. Cancel the renewal of your subscription at any time. There are no cancellation fees. You'll be able to book until the end of your billing plan.

  • Can I practice several languages?

    YES!! You can practice all languages in our group sessions.

  • I'm a bit scary, what should I do?

    That's normal at first. Talking to someone we don't know can be scary. At SpeakMeeters, everyone is friendly and open-minded. No one judges. Everyone has the same goal as you.

  • How long do the sessions last?

    The sessions last 1h. It's more efficient for talking, listening and interacting.

  • Do we need to attend all sessions?

    No, you can attend the sessions you want, it's flexible.

  • Is there a minimum level to participate?

    If you can have a simple conversation, you can attend the conversation group sessions.

  • How to get support?

    You’ll access to the Premium support, by email and WhatsApp, in less than 24 hours.

  • How many sessions are available per month?

    150+ sessions available per month. We will be adding more sessions in the coming months.

  • How can I register to events?

    Get access to the webapp clicking on "Log in" on the menu after payment. Choose the event you want to attend, click on it and book. 

  • Does each session have a topic?

    Yes, every native has his style of leadership, accent, so it's better to try different ones to improve your spoken skills.

  • Can I have my money back if I think it's not for me?

    Yes, you can get your money back before 7 days if you think it is not the kind of session you expected when you purchase a Premium Membership.